SEAPORT-E (Prime- SETA and A&AS)

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This contract vehicle utilizes a web-based, e-business procurement portal, to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time.

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Ordering and QA POC: Judy Haberman, Mobile: is 978-873-1393, email:

Quality Assurance: BMK takes great pride in the quality of our work. We have established business processes and standards to guide us in our attempt to provide quality services, a quality completed effort using quality resources and products. To achieve and maintain our high standards, we implement standardized practices throughout our workforce and all projects. Translating customer requirements into customer satisfaction through:

Quality Planning:  Quality is planned in, not inspected in. We make every attempt to insert quality decisions into the initial requirements.
Quality Assurance
: BMK creates conditions for success with metrics and checklists.
Quality Control
: Prevent defects from reaching the customer through recognizing, reporting, and correcting.
Quality Improvement
: Do it better every time by following our Quality Plan.

The end result gives us the reputation we have aimed for, repeat customers and a continued high demand for our services. In today’s economy, our high standards of quality put us in the lead with our competitors.

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