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BMK Remembers

On December 12, 2015 BMK Consultants was present to honor the fallen at Arlington Cemetery. We were humbled to join over 70,000 volunteers in placing a wreath on every hero's grave through the great effort of the Wreaths Across America organization. Help to support this worthy cause by clicking here. 

BMK is Proud to be a Sponsor of the 9th Annual Alabama A&M University Alumni Association Golf Tournament

BMK is proud to be a sponsor of the 9th Annual Alabama A&M University Alumni Association Homecoming Scholarship Golf Tournament in Huntsville, AL. Our BMK Golf Team (comprised of BMK CFO Ashley Kee and Ms. Laurie Chapman) powered through the rain and enjoyed supporting such a worthy cause.

BMK Consultants Lobbies for Small Business Concerns on Capitol Hill

BMK was on the Hill to lobby for continued funding for the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program. The DoD Mentor-Protégé Program fosters innovation in the marketplace and enables technology transfer between large and small companies. We continue to work towards our goal and to educate our Legislators to keep this valuable program funded for 5 more years.

From Left: BMK CFO Ashley Kee works with Senator Shaheen's office (NH) to lobby for the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program. Ashley Kee, BMK CEO Patricia Kee, BMK Sr. Advisor USAF BRIG GEN Tom Verbeck (Ret.) also visited the offices of Senator Warner (VA), and Senator Boozman (AL) to discuss the needs of the Program, and its benefits to both Large and Small Businesses. 



CEO Patricia Kee Joins AFCEA International BSC Board of Directors

BMK Consultants CEO Ms. Patricia Kee is AFCEA International's newest member of the BSC Board of Directors, representing the Small Business tenants of the AFCEA INT"L building in Fairfax, VA.


BMK Consultants at the Space & Missile Defense Symposium and
MDA Small Business Programs Conference
Huntsville, AL
August 2015

BMK attended the the SMD Symposium and MDA Small Business Conference in Huntsville, AL. Both events were envisioned and executed with the aim of bringing government and industry together to foster new relationships and inventive solutions to a global environment of heightened threat.

The SMD Symposium "brings together experts from government and industry to share perspectives on Missile Defense and the innovations required to develop solutions to address future challenges brought on by increased missile threats".

The MDA Small Business Programs Conference included speaker Mr. John James, Executive Director, Missile Defense Agency. Mr. James shared his commitment to the small business community and how their agility and innovativeness play a vital role in the Ballistic Missile Defense Mission. As a Women-Owned HUBZone Small Business, BMK benefited greatly from the insight provided by all who attended the Symposium and Conference. 


BMK Attends 147th Annual Army Corps of Engineers Association Castle Ball

BMK Consultants was honored to attend the 147th Annual AEA Castle Ball on 7 August 2015. We are proud to support an association with such a distinguished history, and one that provides such excellent support to its members.

From Left: Mrs. Kirstina Colvin (BMK Research Analyst), Ms. Patricia Kee (BMK CEO), Ms. Ashley Kee (BMK CFO)

AFCEA Staff Welcomes New Tenant to Headquarters Building

BMK Consultants is the latest company to take up residence at the AFCEA headquarters building, Fairfax, Virginia. The woman-owned, HUBZone small business offers a suite of cleared science and technology program management and strategic industry insight services.

PASS II-HNC Task Order Award
Congratulations to our P3I PASS II Team! We are pleased to announce that the P3I PASS Team was just awarded the
AFLCMC/HNC Task Order to support the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division under the PASS II Contract. Available job
openings are now posted on our Careers page.

Attention all PASS II-HNC incumbent employees: Click here to submit your Resume

PASS II-HNC Award P3I Team Press Release


BMK at the AEA Hobson Scholarship Breakfast

BMK was pleased to attend the Army Corps of Engineers Association's Hobson Scholarship Breakfast. The Honorable Dave Hobson was the guest of honor, and MG John Peabody, USACE Deputy CG for Civil and Emergency Operations presented: NATIONAL WATER RESOURCES: CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES / TREMENDOUS VALUE DEMANDING VISION. The presentation and discussion that followed was very informative and has a bearing on all facets of government and civilian life. Thank you to AEA for this enlightening and timely event. 

BMK Attends the AFCEA NOVA March Luncheon

BMK attended the AFCEA NOVA March Luncheon featuring Ms.
Bridget Bean, Chief Human Capital Officer & Deputy Chief Operating
Officer, U.S. SBA, along with an SES Panel representing the U.S.
Small Business Administration.


BMK Consultants at WID Annual Dinner

BMK Consultants was honored to be a guest at Scitor Corporation 's table for the Women in Defense Annual Dinner on March 10, 2015. The event's keynote speaker, Lt Gen Ellen Pawlikowski, USAF, Military Deputy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, highlighted "Three C's Necessary for effective leadership:  Compassion,Courage, Commitment". As a Woman-Owned HUBZone company, BMK Consultants appreciates this annual dinner and the dedicated efforts made by all to encourage Women in Defense to thrive and continue the mission to keep the United States and our fellow Americans safe.


BMK Consultants Opens Location in Huntsville, AL

BMK Consultants is pleased to announce the opening of an additional federal contracting office space in Huntsville, AL. This location will be servicing the Marshall Space Flight Center, Redstone Arsenal, and surrounding areas as we continue to provide excellent Program and Project Management Services to the DoD and Federal Agencies. We look forward to this next step in our corporate evolution.


BMK at the 35th Annual Black Tie Tribute to Wounded Warriors

BMK Employees and Advisors attended the 35th Annual Black Tie Tribute to Wounded Warriors on Feb. 7, 2015. AFCEA NOVA created an evening of elegance to honor our Wounded Warriors and to recognize the sacrifices they have made for our country. Guests of Honor were service members currently undergoing treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. For over 30 years, the Black Tie Tribute event has brought together nearly 700 industry, military, and Federal Government telecommunications and IT professionals and their spouses to honor our veterans. In addition, the event is an opportunity for Industry partners to reinforce their commitment to the community. This year, as in the past, any surplus funds from the Black Tie Tribute event go towards educational scholarships through the AFCEA NOVA Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are available to students studying the hard sciences including mathematics, information technology, computer science, and others.

BMK at the NDIA Legislative Information Division Breakfast

Thank you to NDIA LID Breakfast series for another outstanding event. BMK attended the breakfast featuring Rep. Duncan Hunter (California 52nd District) and the Army Navy Club in Washington, D.C. Rep. Hunter is a leader on the Congressional Armed Forces Committee. Congressman Hunter was very candid in the discussion of the need for Acquisition Reform withing DoD. It was a very enlightening and topical meeting, with an engaging Question and Answer session. 

BMK Attends NDIA Missile Defense Luncheon

BMK Consultants had the privilege to attend the NDIA Missile Defense Luncheon on 22 Jan. 2015. Rear Admiral Jesse A. Wilson, Jr. (Director, Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (JIAMDO), Joint Staff, J8) gave an informative and perceptive talk regarding JIAMDO Imperatives and the need for innovation and cooperation in support of the Warfighter. As a DoD industry member, BMK Consultants supports these endeavors and works to keep the United States and its people safe.

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