With ingenuity and forward thinking BMK Secure Solutions has adapted to the present market environment and successfully expanded our core competencies to become a successful Women-Owned  United States Government and Commercial contracting Small Business


Ms. Patricia Kee, President

Ms. Patricia Murphy Kee has held service to her country and its government as one of her core values throughout her life. Her passion for and commitment to service is what led her to become a founding owner and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BMK Secure Solutions. Through her work with BMK, Patricia works tirelessly to ensure that her government clients enjoy the best value, talent, and on-time solutions by providing them with first-rate analytical and strategic development services.

Today, Patricia is a seasoned  senior business and development operations professional, having spent many years in both DoD and  commercial entities throughout CONUS/OCONUS.
Since Patricia established BMK in 2007 and went operational in 2010, the organization has grown significantly. She attributes much of the growth of BMK  to her team of extremely talented co-owners and  SME’s. BMK has been awarded several prime contracts and subcontracts within DoD (Air Force, Army, and Navy), NASA, and Intelligence Agencies.Patricia has been instrumental in forming partnership and subcontractor agreements with well-respected companies and several highly sought after major government contracting companies. She has attracted numerous influential individuals to BMK as advisors, to foster and support the firm’s strategy and growth. Prior to her work with BMK, Patricia worked in the retail banking arena in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, serving as vice president and assistant vice president for area banks.  Patricia has also held positions as a government contractor supporting DoD Operations.

Patricia is a member of the Rotary Club of Fairfax and supports several military organizations. These include the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) & Women In Defense (NDIA/WID), Women in Policy (WIPP), Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), and a Board Member for Warrior Research Foundation. Patricia is also a member of the AFCEA International BSC Board in Fairfax, VA.

Contact Patricia: Patricia.Kee@BMKSecureSolutions.com


Ms. Ashley Kee, CEO

Ms. Ashley Nichole Kee is a Founding Owner and BMK’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Ashley is a graduate of  Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA with an IS/IT Program Management Masters Certificate, Villanova  University, Pennsylvania.  Her primary focus is to support the startup, implementation and financial guidance  of BMK and its growth. 

In addition to her leadership roles within BMK, Ashley has spent ten years in Clinical Research/Program Management with experience in many facets of management and monitoring to include:  Study Management,  Study Monitoring, and Data Management, as well as training of Clinical Research Staff for Investigational  Device Exemption Studies, Post-Approval Studies, and Post Market Studies. She is experienced in ensuring a  Clinical Research Study’s compliance to FDA regulations. Ms. Kee is a published author of three articles for The Journal of Medical Practice Management supporting, “How Clinical Research Can Grow a Medical Practice”; “Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Research Departments”; and “Investigator Responsibilities for Clinical Research Studies: Proper Staffing Can Ensure An Investigator is Compliant”.

Ashley is an Active Member of the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA), the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), and the Air Force Association (AFA) and the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) & Women In Defense (NDIA/WID) as well as a Co-Founder of Warrior Research Foundation (WRF) promoting health & wellness of our Warriors and their Families.

Contact Ashley: Ashley.Kee@BMKSecureSolutions.com

Ms. Judy Haberman, President of DoD & Federal Programs

Ms. Judy Barrett Haberman, Co- Owner/ President of Federal & DoD Programs, is a Government Civilian Retiree having served 32 years supporting the Air Force Acquisitions at Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts. Judy has expertise in Project Management, Configuration,
Data and Logistics Management (CM/DM/LM), as well as Development/Training. She specialized in the development of requirements and management of Federally Funded Research Development Contracts (FFRDC), baseline management and program audits. 

As Chief of CM/DM/LM, Judy spearheaded the development of and strategic implementation for the Engineering and Technology Support Services Contract (ETASS) 2010-2014 training at Hanscom, AFB, MA.  She holds a certification as a Certified International Configuration Manager (C.I.C.M).  Judy has been the cornerstone of building BMK’s corporate infrastructure and its way ahead within the DoD contracting space.

Judy takes BMK’s motto Integrity through Implementation to heart by Believing It, Walking It, Talking It, Teaching It, Living It, and Continuously Improving upon It.  Her leadership is admired by many and trusted by all. She is an active member within the DoD Community; Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) Patriots Chapter and the Air Force Association (AFA), the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) & Women In Defense (NDIA/WID).

Contact Judy: Judy.Haberman@BMKSecureSolutions.com